My Sponsors & Partners

If you like what I'm up to in disc golf, these are the folks who make a great deal of it possible!

Discraft Logo

I've been primarily sponsored by Discraft Disc Golf since the 2017 season. Since that time I've tried out most of Discraft's regular disc offerings, plastic types, and baskets. The quality of my play has grown with Discraft, and they've been a great partner both to me and various tournaments that I've run. Check out some Fish tour fundraiser discs or my in-the-bag videos for some suggestions on great Discraft discs to try.


 For 2024 I'll be using Grip Equipment's backpack-style bags to carry all of my discs and accessories. I'm particularly excited about the functional design of umbrella sleeves, pouches that both zip shut and draw higher for better access to discs. Use "fishgift10" to save 10% on all of their offerings! You can try other codes like "fishgift50" or even "fishgift90" but I already did and they didn't work (yet).

It's hard to be on the road most of the year and operate a proper disc golf store. Enter Daddy Disc Golf! Josh and the whole family are Maryland disc golfers and have been wonderful to work with, a reputation they've earned throughout this region. See their store for a full range of discs, including my tour fundraiser discs! If your event in the mid-Atlantic needs a mobile store, or discs shipped for amateur payout, get in touch!

DiscHub logo

Even though I strongly identify with my chosen home state of Maryland, I learned to play in Georgia. My good friends at DiscHub also carry a selection of Fish tour fundraisers as well as a huge selection of other discs they supply to the NADGT, shipping from central GA to pretty much anywhere!

New for 2024 is a growing shop in Lititz, PA, treemagnets! With a substantial selection of discs from various manufacturers, backpacks, and a glow-specific section, treemagnets is a great anchor in a course-dense area! Whether you shop in-store or online, it's a great way to support me and other pros within the region!

I had the good fortune that Disc Golf Brah filmed me at the 2022 Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open, and that led to joining their team starting with the 2023 season. This Connecticut-based crew does a little bit of everything--but especially bringing New England disc golf coverage! As the Disc Golf Pro Tour centralizes professional touring and media, I think it's important that we retain a connection to the regional and local history and flavors that make the sport special! The fun-loving Brahs and fun-loving players they sponsor are totally worth supporting, and you can get 10% off with the coupon code "Fish10" in their store. And as New Englanders, they know how to source their cold-weather apparel!

Gatekeeper Media Logo


Since Gatekeeper Media makes the curious choice to live in and near Philadelphia, just up the road from Baltimore, we've had several opportunities to work together on a variety of projects -- from a solo walkie-talkie at Iron Hill, to 2022 "New Year's Resolutions", to some ongoing commentary, these guys are great. For several years, and including 2024, they have had the contract with the Disc Golf Pro Tour to cover the MPO Chase Card. These guys hustle their butts off, and I encourage you to follow them on YouTube and other outlets to get some of the best coverage in disc golf!