Course Design

If you are a private or public landowner with acreage not dedicated to other uses, disc golf can be an excellent resource in a variety of settings with minimal landscaping or significant clearing to provide a fun and accessible outdoor activity for all ages! Depending on the setting and desired features, a simple course could be installed for as little as $500-$750 per hole, far less than traditional park amenities like tennis or basketball courts. Disc golf courses can fit in the woods, on shared or defunct golf courses, or in park settings. With the rapid growth of disc golf in the last several years, a well-designed and well-maintained course can even be an economic driver, with players traveling to your area for the experience!

As an internationally-recognized disc golfer, and one of the top woods players in the world, a Fish design represents a thoughtful investment in your course's and property's future. I have consulted or led designs for three disc golf courses in Georgia and Maryland and am the lead designer of two proposed disc golf courses in Baltimore County, MD.

I'm also a “Designer” member of the Disc Golf Course Designers Group and led maintenance at Perkerson Park in Atlanta, GA from January 2013-May 2014, clearing fairways and installing erosion control structures, steps, & basket placements.

Additionally, I have played over 430 disc golf courses in 40 states, ranging from beginner-friendly to professional championship-level layouts, I have seen a wide variety of hole designs and concepts, and would love to help implement a disc golf course design on your property. We can maximize the potential of the land by considering elevation, obstacles, shapes, distance, and selectively adding features to fit your needs and desired user group.

I have two degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering and a PE license (MD) in Civil-Water Resources. I also worked for the US Forest Service seasonally for three years, specializing in recreational trail maintenance, including building rock and log retaining structures, planning trail reroutes, maintaining trail tread, assisting with sign plans, and managing erosion due to water and users, all with and without mechanized equipment. This diverse set of experiences inside and outside of disc golf gives me a unique understanding of land design and coordination with installers or other stakeholders.

The green of Perkerson Park, hole 15, in Atlanta, GA.

Services may include proofing or consulting on existing/proposed designs or redesigns, providing a layout, establishing limits of clearing, providing details and construction specifications, or connecting you with vendors for baskets, teeing surfaces, installation, graphic designs, and signage.

Fees range depending on client needs, travel, complexity of design, and scope of work requested. The initial walkthrough and quote is free, and at a minimum I can help refine your goals or refer you to another designer. Contact me; course design is another fun way to play outside and bend my brain. I am available throughout the continental US, with a home base in the mid-Atlantic. Fall and winter is the best time for designing around the disc golf touring schedule, but for the right job I'm available all year.

Active courses:

  • Private course (undisclosed), 18 holes, Prince George's County, MD

Proposed Courses:

  • Mt. Vista Park, 9 holes, Baltimore County, MD
  • Days Cove Park, 9 holes + 18 holes, Baltimore County, MD
  • Northwest Branch Park, 18 holes, Montgomery County, MD